Lanyard was conceived and prototyped in just 24 hours at WOWHack - a music hack day in Gothenburg, Sweden. Originally designed as a method of navigating around music festivals, it has now grown into a tool for cataloging your entire live music history.

Live music provides a far more personal and emotional connection between the artist and the listener, and every music fan has their own special memories associated with it.

We all have physical objects that we associate with those special moments from our personal history - whether it's a ticket stub, an AAA pass or a simple photograph, they are each analogue artifacts in a digital world. We want to enable our users to create their own personal live music history online and help them relive each and every one of those special moments at the touch of a button.

Lanyard not only enables users to check-in at shows they attend, but also allows them to upload their own photographs, notes and ratings to create their own unique live music memories.

On the website, Lanyard presents users with a more expansive and in-depth look back at their live music history - not only listing the shows they've attended alongside the content they've uploaded, but also automatically incorporating the setlist from the show and enabling the user to listen back to the tracks that were played using Spotify - our preferred audio streaming provider.


Lanyard was conceived, designed and developed by RetroFuzz - the Manchester based creative agency focussed on the creative industries. Since their inception in 2007, RetroFuzz have nurtured an enviable client list that includes every major UK record label, and worked on many high profile online campaigns for artists such as U2, Noel Gallagher, Arctic Monkeys, Lady Gaga, REM, The Stone Roses and Bloc Party to name but a few. More recently they have broadened their client roster to include fashion brands such as Eastpak, Lee Jeans, Levi's, Volcom and Warehouse. Lanyard is their first product.